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Fall 2023 / Spring 2024 Meal Plans


Top Selections

Hello Aggies, after a wide variety of dining options at our campus, we present the TOP three meal plans we have designed for you. We want all our students equipped with the necessary tools for a great dining experience and student environment. On average, a mid-range restaurant meal cost for one person without drinks or tips is approximately $15. Another of our priorities is to help the student save money while ensuring they have a balanced diet, are nourished, and have a wide variety of options to pick from our eight stations at All-you-can-eat Taos Restaurant. 

*First-Year Experience Residents are required to choose from these plans: Premium Platinum, Classic Crimson, or Hometown Aggies. 

Dining Swipes

If you are a student, faculty, or staff, we have the Aggie Meal Plans. These are dining swipes to enter our Taos Restaurant. Any of these packages do not include Dining Dollars or +Plus Packages Benefits. But you can always upgrade here. 

 2324 TAOS SWIPES.png


Pete's Dining Dollars

You can always buy Pete's Dollars if you want to save money. You can use this money at our 15+ retail stores on campus. You will be saving 10% on each package that you purchase. Pay less, get more! These Dining Dollars will be added to your student ID.


2324 PETES DLLS.png

Upgrade Your Meal Plans

If you choose our Premium Platinum Plan, you already have all three Premium +plus packages included in your plan!


2324 PLUS BASIC.png

Your guide to Purchasing a Meal Plan

Login to Mynmsu at
Select "Student" on the left hand side of the page
Select "My Housing"
Select "Applications"
Choose appropriate drop down selection
Select your Meal Plan
Enjoy all the Deliciousness!